Thursday, February 11, 2016

I Thought I Was Always Right! : Jung-Won Kim, Hanmaum Church

I Thought I Was Always Right!
- Jung-Won Kim, Hanmaum Church -

My Priceless Calling as a Teacher : Walchul Jin, Hanmaum Church

My Priceless Calling as a Teacher
- Walchul Jin, Hanmaum Church -

Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Gospel Turned Around a Life of Sadness! : Chunhwa Kim, Hanmaum Church

After I believed in Jesus, my heart was no longer filled with sadness, but with joy, and my anxiety and fear turned into peace. I no longer had to take medication to help me relax. 

All the hurt in my heart ended when I heard that my old self was dead and that I was a new creation. When Jesus died on the cross, my old, hurt self had also been nailed with Him and died. And when Jesus rose from the dead, God had also raised my soul with Him and made me into a new being. My soul wasn't the old self, stained with hurt. Rather, it was a newly created being that was whiter than snow. I am no longer someone who is bound by her old wounds. Amen!

A Visually Impaired Girl Opens Her Eyes to Eternity! : Jinsol Lee, Hanmaum Church

When I was eight years old, I was diagnosed with visual impairment. From then on, I was constantly made fun of by my peers, and I was tense all the time because I couldn't see well.

But then in Canada, I heard about the Lord who rose from the dead!

When I faced eternity, my disability, which I would have for only a momentary period in this world, seemed like nothing but a dot!

Bankruptcy and Cancer—But I’m Still Happy! : Hyeonhee Park, Hanmaum Church

My husband's business failed and we were plagued with debt. Then I got breast cancer. We had huge problems in our lives, but because Jesus was my Lord, I could overcome them all with thankfulness and joy!

I Was a Drug and Gambling Addict! : Sung-Ju Moon, Hanmaum Church

I was the member of a gang, involved in organized crime. I bet on horse-races. I was addicted to drugs. I was a gambling addict.

But I was able to escape this pit after I repented the sin of not believing in Jesus.

The Gospel Freed Me from My Husband’s Death! : Young-Sook Kim, Hanmaum Church

I was supposed to be a great student, but I failed to get into high school. Because of this, I lived with a terrible sense of inferiority. Then I lost my husband, and all of my shame became an unbearable weight upon my shoulders.

Then I met the risen Jesus, and through Him I found my true identity and my true confidence. I want to share my story with you!

I Lost Everything to the Stock Market! : Sang-Deok Han, Hanmaum Church

I lived as a slave to money. Then I finally came to seek God after I lost everything to the stock market.

And now, I'm no longer a slave to money, because the risen Christ is the Lord of my possessions and my life! 

Before, I was the lord of my own possessions, so I lived as a slave to money. But now, because the risen Christ is my Lord, I am only a manager of what belongs to the Lord.

Freed from Evil Spirits and Exorcisms! : Hyunsoo Kim, Hanmaum Church

Exorcisms started in our household after the death of one of my father's shipmates. Later on, my mother became engrossed in spiritual things and almost became an exorcist herself. She also consulted everything in her life with a fortune-teller. 

I badly wanted to escape from all of this, but my first child became very sick and was cured only after an exorcism was performed on him. My second child cried every night without sleeping until she was six years old.

As a last resort, I sought God, thinking that somehow He could help me be free from these evil spirits and exorcisms. Then He did meet me, and my family was completely set free, once and for all.

I Wasted Twenty Years for a Single Thought! : Hyeran Moon, Hanmaum Church

I wasted many years of my life because I thought that I had very thin, unattractive hair. But I realized that, during all the years I spent being anxious and blaming God, I had committed the wicked and terrible sin of not believing in Jesus, and I could not help but repent!

[From the testimony:

I used to think that there were only two ways to solve my problem:

either God turns my hair back to the way it was before or He changes my heart so that I won't care about my hair anymore.

However, my desire for how my hair was in the past was greater, so I spent many days in tears, resentment and self-pity. 

But God's way to solves this problem was none other than the church community.

The church community, who had met the risen Jesus, surrendered to Him, and had Him as their Lord, embraced me when I revealed myself to them just as I was. That was when I was finally able to realize that my hair didn't matter!]